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What could be better than a stay in a hotel…??? ...A STAY IN AN EFFICIENTLY RUN HOTEL… find out, before you arrive, about all the services and other things we have on offer and that will help to make your stay totally unique. Send us a request with no obligation. Select those services that best suit your needs. Enter your reservation reference and your contact details so that we can get in touch with you. We'll send you all the information you require shortly.



SHUTTLE BUS – Airport, Bus, Train.. let us know how you will be arriving in Rome and our minibus will be there to meet you when you arrive.
Date      Time      Place
OPEN 110 – the STOP & GO tour of Rome is the envy of everyone because of the wonders it will allow you to see.
Tour day
ARCHEOBUS – this tour will take you to see the archaeological treasures of Rome and the nearby Appia Antica.
Tour day
TOUR of ROME – ".. a lifetime is not long enough to get to know Rome.." we'll sort out what it is you'll see. Day-long tours rather than half-day outings or even "tours by night" to view the city from a different angle;
Select the tour     Day
TAXI/LIMOUSINE – a private service, quick and convenient, designed to meet all your needs for getting around.

Date     Departure     Arrival



GO TO A RESTAURANT EVERY EVENING – A Roman or American style restaurant, a Chinese restaurant or even a Pizza restaurant… you choose how to start your evening and let us worry about booking it and how you are going to get there.
NEWSPAPER – the latest headlines delivered to your hotel… select the paper of your choice and it will be waiting for you in reception every morning.


EVENTS INFORMATION – if you can't find the information you require about a particular event in our dedicated section, it's not a problem. Let us know and we'll very quickly get you all the information you need.
ROMA PASS – a permit for getting into the Eternal City? Put this way it certainly makes you think. In truth, however, the ROMA PASS card is absolutely fantastic value. It is valid for three days and can be used as a ticket on public transport, to get into museums and places of interest. It's a way of avoiding long queues at ticket offices and what's more it's also a way of saving money. So what are you waiting for… order it now and you can pick it up from reception when you arrive.
CONCERTS/THEATRES/EVENTS – come to Rome and be entertained.
..Let us know what you prefer and we'll give you all the information you need to get there from the hotel. If you don't have a ticket, we will arrange to have one ready for you when you arrive.


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  1. this is purely an information service and does not guarantee that any information requested or any tickets or passes that may be subject to availability can be obtained.
  2. The information request is totally free and the cost of any services eventually provided will only be charged to you after they have been offered to you and specifically accepted.
  3. the service is in no way tied to the outcome of the reservation nor does it affect the terms and conditions accepted when subscribing to the same (penalties or methods of cancellation, etc., etc..).
  4. the service does not constitute a binding agreement for any of the parties involved (the guest requesting it and the hotel) unless expressly stipulated.


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