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Preferential arrangements

..Arrange preferential terms for your company and discover the advantages of becoming a BUSINESS FRIEND

..Dear Companies, the Hotel Meeting invites you to take part in its preferential company scheme. Doing so does not imply any commitment on your part and what's more it is down to us to guarantee the services and more that are designed especially to make your stay with us even more comfortable and at competitive prices.


Fixed prices all year round:
..fluctuating prices, normally a feature of the hotel sector, are not looked upon favourably by the business community. It is for this reason that the Hotel Meeting guarantees that its prices will remain fixed the whole year round, with the exception, that is, of any discounts offered as part of special promotions and offers, and we're certain that you will consider this good news.


No penalties:
..sudden cancellations, alterations to your stay arrangements, etc., etc..
..unforeseen and unexpected events are things that happen suddenly during the business day. It is for this reason that the Hotel Meeting allows companies, as opposed to what is the accepted practice in the private tourist sector, to alter their stay arrangements to fit-in with their particular situation, even to the point of our accepting cancellations without imposing any needless and costly consequences.


Special prices for long stays:
..the planning of particular types of work call for extended stays in hotels or even shorter but more intense ones… If you tell us what you require we will do our very best to help you save on costs.


Special weekend prices:
..we've come up with a way of making weekends, when working becomes extremely bothersome, less financially demanding.


Special Offers:
..The Business Friend concept is all about what we have already listed above, but above all it means being entitled to discounts and taking advantage of the special promotions we have come up with for those who, because of work, place their faith in us (request preferential status for your company and immediately learn about the first promotional offer we have prepared for you…)


Shuttle Bus Service: people quite often tend to use their own transport for getting around. Should you require it, our shuttle minibus service can be placed at your disposal to ferry you to the nearest available public transport or even just to the restaurant.


Price Optimisation:
..designed to make your hotel stay all the more comfortable but also all the more productive. This means making any changes that may be required to meet the needs of each individual, so that the type of room or the additional services appear more advantageous, even financially.


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