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Choosing the Hotel Meeting for your stay in Rome means..

The safety of the places where you will stay overnight with your loved ones

Services designed to best meet your expectations

The maximum levels of comfort for its rating

A welcome that makes every guest feel special


INDIVIDUAL TOURISTS [Download the tourist brochure]


Shuttle Service
  • Restaurant
    given that that the hotel does not have one, we lay on transport to take our guests to a nearby restaurant.. would you like to take advantage of this service..?? here;
  • Airport, Tube, Train
    the service provides an easy and economical way of getting to the hotel. It is also a way of getting to main forms of public transport and to move around the capital freely. This service is available free of charge to anyone booking it through this website… click here

Organising your stay:

  • Museum tickets;
  • Tours of the city;
  • Car rental;
  • Taxi bookings;
  • Roma Pass.

...'a lifetime isn't long enough to get to know Rome'… at least that's what the inhabitants of Rome say about their city and they are probably right. There are so many things to see and do and that's why we will help you to plan your stay so that every moment of your visit will be truly rewarding and complete jam packed with things to do, leaving no room for regrets about having missed out on anything. Find out how

Food and Drink
..are you tired after the journey or after a hectic day's sightseeing in Rome? Too tired to go to the restaurant? No problem. Even if we don't have a restaurant we can still provide you with a first and second course meal as well as a dessert and drinks. You can even dine in your room, perhaps while watching a movie premier, that sporting event you have been waiting for or even, why not, your favourite TV series.
A Welcoming Aperitif
someone once wrote 'wherever I lay my hat, that's my home' (Marvin Gaye)... so welcome home...
Internet Point in the Hall
in this multimedia age everyone is always connected to everything… even on holiday. Those who want to can stay "connected"..
Information and literature
..going somewhere is a good idea, but where, how and with what? Our team is always on hand to answer just those sorts of questions, simply offer advice, supply you with a map of Rome or provide any other literature that may be of use to you.
..experience the Eternal City all through the day and even at night. The hotel's team is always here and always ready to welcome you when get back, no matter what time it is. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…
Left Luggage Service
..the departure date is upon you, but do you still have the time and the inclination to take one last stroll through history? You can always leave your luggage with us and come and pick it up whenever you want and at no extra cost..
Order Your Daily Newspaper
..every morning has its own ritual that makes it special to you. Why change your routine just because you are away from home... enjoy flicking through the dailies...... find out how
Disabled Accommodation
..a holiday is an opportunity to get away from the trials of everyday living. For some people this isn't always possible, but we'll always do our best to make it happen..
..for work or for leisure… travelling with a laptop in tow means you are carrying a part of your own world with you. If you want to keep in touch with it you can do so from anywhere in the hotel..

[Download the groups/agencies brochure]

HB Restaurant
a restaurant that has a special arrangement with the hotel but that can also provide a quality half-board service with professionalism and attentiveness to service;
what better way to prepare for a hectic day of sightseeing than a satisfying buffet breakfast offering a selection of savoury or sweet and hot or cold options… something to suit all tastes;
The option of a packed breakfast
..if you want to make a really early start then that's not a problem either. We can arrange to prepare packed breakfasts so your tour party can set off well prepared;
Maps, guides and useful literature
..for those wanting to explore Rome in their own way and who want to set-off but don't know where, how or what with, our team is always on hand to answer just those sorts of questions, simply offer advice, or provide a map of Rome or any other literature that may be of use during their stay.
Information required for your stay
these days organised tours often require passes, permits, and permissions. Sometimes all you need are the museum opening times. The Hotel Meeting is geared-up to provide you with all of these and more so that your stay goes without a hitch.


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